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The Codes of Conduct have been developed to ensure a safe, friendly and respectful place for members, visitors, staff and the Board to gather in the spirit of cooperation, relaxation, good will, fun and friendly competition. First, there will be a listing of a general code that applies to everyone and then there will be additional codes for the groups previously mentioned. The Code of Conduct differs from rules in that it addresses acceptable/unacceptable behavior.

All members, visitors, staff and Board members are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that:

  • Creates an environment and culture that is reflective of the personal integrity and respect taught in the rules of golf where it is written that we are capable of enforcing rules upon ourselves with honesty, integrity and good sportsmanship. This same integrity, honesty and good will are expected whether on the golf course or in the club house.
  • Acknowledges OVCC as a family friendly environment and, therefore, refrains from using obscenities and loud boisterous behavior inappropriate for children and good taste
  • Observes proper etiquette on and off the course; and club house
  • Is reflective of being an Ambassador for Oak View Country Club (OVCC) when out in the community, at other clubs and/or at OVCC. We are all representatives of Oak View Country Club
  • Shows the utmost respect and dignity to fellow members, staff and visitors
  • Does not damage the character, integrity, good will, property and community view (local and/or the broader community) of OVCC and/or staff
  • Is reflective of an adherence to ALL club rules
  • Demonstrates an understanding that members and visitors have no authority to instruct staff in job performance and duties
  • Understands that the club manager is responsible for instructing the staff in the performance of their duties
  • Is vigilant in reporting real or perceived safety hazards to staff and/or club manager
  • Understands that the membership through the Board may make suggestions and/or directives to the club manager regarding the operation of the club
  • Does not denigrate, talk down to, scream at staff members, general membership and/or guests and does not create unnecessary strife and divisiveness
  • Does not misrepresent their position and/or authority to others

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