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  • House Update

    Now is the time to be booking our wonderful ballroom and sunroom for Winter and Spring events.

    Need something from the bar or kitchen? Please contact Miranda as she is happy to always make herself available to club members. She ' s happy to assist with any catering needs including helping with menus, picking available dates, options for seating, etc. Miranda ' s staff are awesome and always willing to help, but to save time, reach out to her directly, and let her assist you and help make your event/night the success it should be. Miranda loves to plan events and prefers that direct contact with the members for events or even questions of concerns about the restaurant.


    On December 31st we will be having a NYE celebration! We will have prime rib and/or lobster tails along with a limited menu. Johnny and Miranda are working on some fun ideas for this night, so stay tuned to for more information. If you intend on dining that night, reservations are required for this event.