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    Thanks to everyone who purchased tickets, to all who came out and enjoyed the night, and to all who helped sell tickets. With everyone’s help and participation we had another great club winners night. Grand Prize winner was...
    $5000- Brian Boock!!
    The rest of the winners from the night were…
    $250- Shawna Pearson & Schuyler Downey
    $100- Shane Hanson
    $100- Chris Smet
    $100- Rob Burgmier
    $100- Kaley Zimmerman
    $100- Kathy Wheatley
    $50- Roger Murphy
    $50- Kathy Vaughn, Shawna Pearson, Travis Relander, TJ Taylor, & TJ Trout
    $50- Curt Pitman
    $50- Todd Lohman
    $50- Ryan & Tiffany Newswander
    Big sellers...Kelly Frieden, Joe Ham & Schuyler Downey. Thanks Everyone!!


    Start thinking about planning your Holiday Events now! Book the Ballroom.
    Contact OVCC 309-582-7916


    Come out and enjoy this fun open event! Everyone chip’s from designated tee boxes strategically placed 100 yards or less from the greens.
    This is a brilliant opportunity for those golfers who like the short game!! Sign up sheets are out to make sure we have enough golf carts and food.
    During the game, enjoy a beer tasting of several Fall harvested brews. For dinner, BBQ outside featuring award winning T&S BBQ and music by Jordan Danielsen with a bonfire. If you want, you can roast marshmallows for S’mores!
    Cost is $25 per person includes a cart and meal. If you cant make it for the golf event, but would love to come out and enjoy the music by Jordan Danielsen and food only, cost is $15.00 per person.


    “Night of the Living Dead”
    Friday, October 30th. Get ready for the festivities with this year’s theme “Night of the Living Dead”. Starting at 7:00 pm, you better wear your Best Halloween Costume and treat yourself with Ghouls and Zombie Appetizers. Plus, enjoy our DJ set to raise the dead! Winner for best OVCC Member Costume will receive $100 OVCC Bucks and one non-member will win a one year Oak View Country Club Membership!! (food dues not included) Come out; come out where ever you are!