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  • February Events

    * Pool League, Thursdays!
    * Extravaganza is back!!!, February 11, 2017!
    * Date Night, February 17th - 18th! Menu will be announced closer to the date.
    * Women's and Men's Association, February 16th at 6pm.

  • ADT Security System

    ADT Security System has been installed please be advised that you still have access into the locker rooms and rest rooms when we are closed via the keypad. This allows you access to your golf clubs and the bathrooms. That has not changed.
    However, the doors going into the clubhouse will alarm if you try to open them during closed hours. If you have any questions please contact a member of the house committee.
    Thank you.


    We are happy to announce that Miranda will be assuming the role & responsibilities of Clubhouse Manager. She has been filling the role of Bar Manager and filling spots as a bartender/server but we feel with one point of contact, it will be easier to facilitate communication between the membership and the clubhouse. Continue to email her at or call the clubhouse with anything you might need. We are excited for this opportunity for Miranda and the clubhouse.